På Svenska Crew

VXO Bar and Grab´n Fly

From VXO Bar, you can order a beer, cappuccino or your favorite soda. Have a seat in our comfortable lounge, order a tasty snack, read a newspaper and relax before you begin your journey. Didn't have time to find the perfect present? No problem. Our tax-free sells beautiful glass pieces, cologne/perfume,  memorabilia and more!

VXO Bar is only open during abroad flights.

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If you are a traveller or just a visitor you can reach our Grab 'n fly.
You're maybe hungry enough for a full meal or just wanting for a quick snack, we have something delicious for you!

We serve lunch Monday to Friday between 12:00-13:30, if you visit our restaurant at other openinghours we gladly serve you something from our ala carte menue.


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