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State-of-the-art air control tower

Nothing is more important to Växjö Småland Airport than the safety of its passengers. It therefore gives us pleasure to tell you that Växjö has one of the most modern air control towers in Sweden. In spring 2001 an automatic weather monitoring system was also installed. Weather information that is important to flight safety is monitored by sensors and relayed to the flight controllers.

Digital communication system

A new communication system was installed in summer 2000. This involved converting our previous analogue system to digital, making Växjö Småland Airport the first in the country to have a modern system of this type.

New fire engine

In 2001 SEK 3.5 million was also invested in a new fire engine. This is on standby in case of an incident, although we naturally hope that there is never any need to use it.

Effective snow clearing

One thing we cannot really avoid is snow in winter. However, this is cleared quickly and effectively with our snow ploughs. The 2,100-metre-long, 45-metre-wide runway can be cleared in just 15 minutes!

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