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Tariff Regulations


Aircraft using Växjö Småland Airport will be charged as shown below. The owner or user of the aircraft is obliged to fill out an ATI-form when visiting Växjö Småland Airport for the first time.

The airport closes for all aircraft as published (except for local stationary aircraft). A request can be made to the airport to open for an additional charge. All fees listed are in Swedish kronor (SEK) and an exclusive value added tax (VAT). VAT shall be paid according to Swedish law.

Payment will be cash only or by Växjö Småland Airport invoice payable in 30 days. Any late payment will result in a 10 % interest charge.

Other services than listed can also be charged for. Weekly Season Card is not valid. The following is a list of charges for services provided by Smaland Airport:

Take-off charges

0 - 2000 125
2001 - 4000 250
4001 - 5000 325
5001 - 6000 390
Etc Etc

Tariffs above are based on the maximum authorized take-off weight (MTOW). The fee is 65 SEK per 1000 kg if the weight of the aircraft is more than 5000 kilos. For weights not exceeding 5000 kilos see tariffs above. Minimum charge is 125 SEK.

Parking charges

0 - 450 No charge
451 - 10 000 250
10 001 - 11 000 275
11 001 - 12 000 300
Etc Etc

Tariffs above are based on 24-hour periods . The fee is 25 SEK per 1000 kg. Minimum charge is 250 SEK. First 3 hours are free and so are aircrafts with a MTOW not exceeding 450 kg.

Passenger charges

Passenger charge is 80 SEK per departing passenger for all commercial flights.

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